Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. Stress is the buzz word of this century.

Happiness Is an Inside Job

Although technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, our life still lags behind when it comes to attaining peace of mind. We keep busy with our work and other chores so much and so that we completely ignore what our least-discovered life has in store for us. We say, this is certainly worth a thought!

Our life starts in our mother’s womb. Slowly and steadily we learn to talk, and then to walk, and then face the world headstrong. During this long journey most of us forget to reserve time for ourselves, more importantly for our mind and soul which needs a cleansing and replenishing on a timely basis. The reason for this muddling up is that, we are all slaving away. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are drifting apart from the equanimity.

We must all understand one thing that it’s best to set a simple frame around which everything will wind itself up. Be it a highly paying white collar job, a very conservative lifestyle, or any other constraints, nothing can replace the moments of ignorance, solely because time and health once lost cannot be gained back.

Happiness is something that comes from within an individual. If our mind is happy, our soul laughs and so does our body. As is said by a great man that we are the painters of our own life and in turn our destiny, how good it will be if we become the reason for our own happiness. No stress, no worries, no fear. Let your life unfold itself with ease. Live each moment to the fullest. Carpe Diem!

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