Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. Stress is the buzz word of this century.


Spiritual Progress

Being inwardly aware and outwardly successful is the indicator of spiritual progress.
Daily meditation can help reach this milestone.
The mysticism about the life can only be deciphered by looking at it.
Looking with your eyes open or closed.
Looking without judging is the real meditation.
Have the courage to look the way it is.
Look no further, or closer. Just look.

Being rich or?

Being rich is different than feeling rich.
Being rich brings arrogance and ego.
Feeling rich brings joy of creation.
A rich being invests in to bring more riches to him.
A being feeling rich invests in himself and his fellow beings.
Being feeling rich takes his riches with him leaves happily forever.
A rich being leaves his riches behind and keeps coming back seeking for them over and over..


Changing the sequence of events is lying.
Deleting important information is lying.
Adding extra is lying.
Saying the half truth is lying.
Telling harmless lies is lying.
Lying for fun is lying.
Soul trembles and body shakes when you lie at first.
If you lie over and over soul and body dies over and over.
It is your choice !!!!!!!

Journey inside out

Traveller travels miles and miles to reach the destined goal.
He gets through many milestones.
Journey is not easy and was never easy.
As long as he knows from where he started he continues to travel.
Once he reaches the destination. He travels back from where he started.
The journey inside is no different than journey outside.
One goes through many milestones.

Praise the Lord!!!

An artist is the one who creates and creates to his heart’s desire.
His fulfillment comes from the appreciation he gets from his audience.
This is the only weakness he has.
HE is the creator of all the creators.
HE needs appreciation too.
So, Praise the Lord!!!!

From Nothing to Something to Nothing

There was nothing in the beginning and creator created something.
Something grew into something else and something else to something else.
The creation became bigger and bigger and went far away from the source.
Any journey which takes the creator back to the source brings back the feeling of homecoming.
Welcome back, It is never late, feel at home, remember you have an origin.

False Data

We live in a world of information explosion or pollution. It gets through you whether you want it or not. One does not have time to evaluate whether the information passed on can be verified. Verifications can also be bought to prove one’s point.
I have attended big conferences where false data is being promoted in the best packaging possible. I have attended small family gatherings and found false data floating around.
Only direct observation and NOTHING else can help you wean out true from false. Do not deprive yourself from the fruits of direct observation.

Fixed Ideas

Wilderness of life requires one to come up with workable solutions. Those solutions become ideas and are passed on from one to another. Those who join later in the race for them these ideas are solid and they stick to it no matter what. Anything which becomes fixed and not flowing is matter, solid or dead. Life is always flowing it flows from one to another and continues
Flow well, Flow all the time. You are energy. Do not get fixated in life.

Gratitude, the Best Therapy

Outflow gratitude, it heals, fulfills and energizes. Many researches are being done to prove the point. You do your own research and find out if it works? If it does then insist on others to follow this too. One man can ignite the chain of gratitude and be that one man.
Start chains of people habitually expressing gratitude in whole or in part to where it belongs.
There is a science behind it and it was known to our ancestors intuitively. Passing on the power to another source and remaining free from the evils of ego were the basics taught to one and all. Gratitude takes off the air and one remains grounded. It is pertinent that one remains grounded to expand. Deeper the roots higher one goes.

Blessed Moments

When one is closest to one self and can express what one feels without fear of judgement those are the blessed moments.

How May I Help you?

The above question is a normal expression for checking out the customer needs. Who is a customer? Is the one who buys goods or services.
Why wait, if one can start by passing the help on so one’s wait will be over in no time. Starting one’s day and seeking the opportunity of finding out as to “how may I help today”?
Have a fulfilled life with all the luxuries and sensations that keep you interested in the business of living. Be a seller to be a buyer? Find a customer whom you can help today. Bon Voyage!!!

Becoming a minimalist.

Becoming a minimalist is new word that is catching up. The other day I met a young man who was traveling internationally expanding his business. During the conversation he pointed out that "I am a minimalist". The word sounded familiar but made me curious what it entails per him or for that matters for myself. What he meant was that he carries less stuff with him while traveling and it implied a great deal for me. I am traveling too through this journey of life, so less not more is what it takes for an easy journey.
"Reduce your screen time" can be your first step in decluttering your head. Do that for one week and see the result.

Goals for Body are different than your goals

Body is timed. It starts at one point and end at some. As this is inevitable and has to happen in any case. It brings anxiety and feeling of loosing time at every moment. Body has goals and targets to meet. This year, this month, this week, today and every moment has to show some acomplishment to get a feeling that you exist. With the changing times it has become more pronounced and everything needs to happen faster than before. When people compete with each other that is shown as how soon how much is achieved. So that goals are established against time because body is timed and limited.
"Reduce your screen time" can be your first step in decluttering your head. Do that for one week and see the result.

Body and You.

You own a body and not the reverse. Body is made up of physical world and all the laws of physical world are applied to it. You are not part of physical world. You can not be experienced by five sensational nodes. You are an energy and follow the law of energy. You create matter, your transform into matter but you are you and you are the cause. Everything pulsates with energy. The body runs because of you. More you get confused with body more you become solid.
"Reduce your screen time" can be your first step in decluttering your head. Do that for one week and see the result.

Vacationing for soul.

Generally vacations bring cheer to everyone. Things will be different for those days no rush rush for humdrum of life. One will get up when one desires and will eat for desires. Vacation is over and one feels down because body resists to go back. It is not rejuvenated. It happens almost with everyone. Full rest was given to body and fed to it's expectations then why this response now?
It is not the body but it is you who should have been fed. What is it that you need?
You need to sit down and meditate. The word meditation, is derived from two Latin words : meditari(to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal). Its Sanskrit derivation 'medha' means wisdom.

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